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Win new business with printed Appointment Cards

All of us have a tendency to avoid salesmen even if they’re selling something we want. It’s exactly the same in business. Customers, business people and staff in many cases are too busy with their businesses or daily lives to provide time to sales or marketing literature. On the other hand, it is possible to market your business or upsell without being obvious. If you’ve organized a conference you may think there’s nothing more that can be done before your possible client or client turns up, right? Wrong! Simply confirming your ending up in an appointment card is a excellent method to increase your brand and your business.

 When can you send or hand out an appointment card?

When you arrange a conference in person, by phone, by email or in writing is a chance to give out an appointment card. The receiver won’t see your appointment card in an attempt to sell – they’ve already decided to the meeting. Actually sending a scheduled appointment card shows that you’re an expert who are able to be trusted to help keep and ensure an appointment and that alone is a valuable step in creating a lasting and lucrative relationship.

Just how can a scheduled appointment card win new business?

Consider your appointment card being an important bit of marketing. Brand it so your name and logo become more acquainted to the receiver. One side of your appointment card will needless to say show the date, some time and location of your meeting. Writing these records by hand is likely to make your appointment card more individual – another essential aspect in building trust. It’s also possible to make use of the back of the card. This could show further branding as well as your company strapline or mission statement. You could possibly may include a few bullet points outlining products and services. You could possibly leave space to add a handwritten note such as “Great to meet you last week, Getting excited about seeing you next Friday” with your signature. An excellent personal touch.

Subtlety is everything

Keep in mind that even a whiff of sales will turn many people off. Whoever you hire to put on your appointment card, it’s vital not to seem that you’re obviously selling or promoting your service.

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