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Why we love second-hand furniture

The advantages go higher than the joy of the hunt.

The best furniture piece in my house is a wide Montauk sofa with six huge feather-filled cushions on a solid pine frame protected in white canvas. Sitting on it looks like sinking into a duvet. The good thing of all? I found it in a local Dubai furniture market at cost of 800 aed; the original sofa might have cost 3000 aed.

There’s actually one thing to be said for buying furniture second-hand. As Lindsay Miles writes on her zero-waste lifestyle blog, Treading My Own Path, the advantages go well beyond the joy of the look. Here’s why you need to think about go the thrifty route if you want something, instead of hitting up a new home furniture store.

1. It may be top quality stuff.
Just because a piece of furniture is second-hand, it offers already made it the check of time. Great furniture should long lasting, even a hundred years or more. If the frame is strong, it may just have some basic repair to look amazing. And every one of that comes (usually) at a small fraction of the price you’d purchase new.

2. It saves sources and reduces waste.
The home furniture market is an significantly wasteful one. From fabrics and woods to plastic materials and resins, it requires a great deal to produce the items in your house, particularly if they’re designed to last just a few years before breaking or searching of date. Buying second-hand furniture reduces interest in new sources, and it comes without packaging.

3. You is not going to be so connected.
Miles explains this as ‘guilty attachment,’ and I believe we all can connect with the feeling. When you’ve spent excess amount on one thing, you are feeling you are not able to let it go.

4. It is more community-oriented.
Some individuals might demonstration that buying second-hand disadvantages local business owners, on the other hand I think that buying second-hand is merely an additional way to support a local economy. Individuals selling their stuff online are ordinary individuals hopeful of making some cash or declutter their homes. Many second-hand stores are privately operated or run by charitable organizations that provide back to the local community. Any refinishing or reupholstering work that must be carried out will probably be made by a local craftsperson.